Robin Thede says ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’ season 4 “is bigger and broader than ever”

Tina Thorpe/HBO

A Black Lady Sketch Show is back on HBO with its fourth season, but this time around there are some new faces. Joining the cast are DaMya GurleyAngel Laketa Moore and Tamara Jade, who creator Robin Thede says “were a seamless addition to the cast this year.”

“From the first day of rehearsals, they were like, ‘Let’s go, we watch the show, we know it inside and out,’ like, ‘We know to get in, where we fit in,'” she tells ABC Audio. “That’s what it takes to be a featured player on the show, like you’re not a series regular yet, but you have to come in and support the main cast … The cool thing was that throughout the process, they were each able to take on bigger roles and heavier leading roles because they just showed us so fast how good they were.”

Also different this go-round is the fact that “there aren’t a bunch of dark, black, myriad twists in the sketches.” “It’s … more in your face and more, like, just big characters, big jokes,” Robin says. “There’s joke after joke after joke. There’s not a lot of lines that aren’t good jokes, so it’s super joke heavy.”

She continues, “I just wanted people to be breathless, you know, when they’re watching it and just be like, ‘Ughh, there’s so many jokes, I can’t even catch them all,’ so I think for me that was a big thing.” 

Robin says season 4 of the show “is bigger and broader than ever.”

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