Swizz Beatz is “not satisfied at all” with his music legacy

Francis Specker/CBS

Swizz Beatz‘s career spans nearly three decades and includes collaborations with Jay-ZDrakeDMXand more, but he isn’t yet satisfied with his music legacy.

“I just feel like my music is the only thing in my life that doesn’t represent where I am today,” Swizz tells Complex. “Everything else is the level of where I’m at or how I live, where I travel, and everything I’m doing is at the level of me in 2023. Music is probably the only thing that’s 2010. I’m not satisfied at all.”

Thus, Swizz has released Hip-Hop 50 Vol.2, his first album in five years. He credits Nas for getting him back into the studio for the project. 

“One day me and him were kicking it, and he told me Mass Appeal was going to have a lot to do with HipHop50. He said, ‘We got this concept with all the producers, and you gotta be the producer that represents New York.’ I said, ‘What do you mean?’ He said, ‘Premier is going to represent a different place, [along with] you, Hit-Boy and a couple other people.’ I said, ‘OK. Cool.'”

Swizz also plans to release a producer/artist album with Jadakiss, which he teased will come out this year. He says he’s ready to work Lil Wayne on a joint project and wants to put out 50 tracks for the 50th anniversary of hip-hop. “I want to use that as my goal to give back to 50 years of hip-hop,” he says.

Hip-Hop 50 Vol.2 is now available on DSPs.

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