Jidenna details the inspiration behind his ‘ME YOU & GOD’ album

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Jidenna‘s latest album, ME YOU & GOD, was inspired by his more promiscuous phase during the pandemic. The singer told HipHopDx he flew women into LA to see him during that time, and it helped to spark a “pleasure” and creativity he was pleased with.

“Like most people who are alone, they’re trying to be with somebody; so my goal was to fly out women over a certain span and keep my music inspired, you know? That’s all I was gonna do,” Jidenna explained. “I was having great conversations, I was dating some amazing women, and in the course of that I start making the music and somewhere in there I realized this pleasure, this movement to pleasure just feels very different, it feels very personal, intimate. I had never really revealed this, and I liked it.”

He eventually “met a woman who I knew instantly that I was gonna ride with her, she was gonna be a companion, and we were gonna ride the saddle.”

“So that process, from going from an amazing h** phase in 2019 to 2020 where I’m trying to date a little more intentionally, then landing with this beautiful companion. It was what I was going through [that inspired the album],” Jidenna continued. He said he’s still dating that woman, noting, “This would be a tough rollout if I weren’t.”

ME YOU & GOD dropped in May featuring the track “SWEETBiTTERS,” which details an orgy he had, minus some of the actual details.

“Everything is true minus anything I had to do to change a name or an area,” he said. “Like I said, [the orgy happened in] Bali but it wasn’t in Bali, it was in another place and I didn’t wanna say the other place [to protect] everybody involved. But yeah, everything is true.”

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