Tyler, the Creator explains why he’s annoyed by top-5 rappers debates

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Coachella

Debates about the greatest rappers of all time are common in hip-hop, but Tyler, the Creator is not a fan. On the premiere episode of Rap Radar’s second season, he shared his opinion on people sharing lists of their top five rappers.

“You know what annoys me?” Tyler asked hosts Elliott Wilson and B.Dot. “When people are like, ‘This is my top five’ and people argue it. You got 17-year-olds like, ‘Yeah, dude, f****** Ready to Die and Enter the Wu-Tang is my top 10 albums ever.’ Like, bro, you just got hair on your d***.”

He continued, “It’s performative, and again, some people might be right, but you got YoungBoys and Babys out here and that’s your favorite album?”

Tyler said he couldn’t care less “about people’s objective top nothing” and would prefer if people share their “favorite s*** because you learn so much from people. You get context…’Oh, I have memories attached to it … My brother did this and that, and on track seven he talks about this … I found out I was going through it.’ Like, I want to hear that,” he said.

Tyler also discussed working with NBA YoungBoy on “WUSYANAME,” noting he tapped the rapper because he wanted “that Louisiana drawl, tone, accent over that loop” on the song.

“Dude, we got ice cream, we went to go vintage car shopping. He’s so nice, he sent his verse back in a day,” Tyler said of YoungBoy, adding he “not only stayed on topic, he just sounded so great.” 

Tyler noted that fans probably “wouldn’t expect someone like me to even want to associate with a YoungBoy. But I love that s***. He’s a sweetheart, man.”

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