Run-D.M.C. honored with own day in New York City

Rob Kim/Getty Images for adidas

Run-D.M.C. has been celebrating hip-hop’s 50th anniversary, but now they have another reason to let loose. Earlier this week, the legendary rap group was honored with their very own day in New York City.

Mayor Eric Adams blessed them with the honor on Wednesday, August 9, declaring that date Run-DMC Day. The proclamation ceremony took place during the launch of their pop-up and art installation with Adidas.

Run-D.M.C. is slated to headline Hip-Hop 50 Live at Yankee Stadium on Friday, August 11, the genre’s official 50th birthday.

Their contributions to hip-hop, and their overall legacy, is being recognized by Igloo with limited merch. The drop includes the Run-D.M.C. It’s Tricky KoolTunes cooler with weather-resistant Bluetooth speakers and The Run-D.M.C. Graffiti Little Playmate 7-quart cooler.

“These coolers are great for the beach, concerts, travel, picnic, outside work and all events,” said Daryl “DMC” Matthews, per Billboard.

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