Latto talks new music, brand partnerships and living out her childhood rap dreams

Nate Hurtsellers

If you were one of the many who tuned in to The Rap Game‘s first season in 2016, then you’re probably aware of the star quality Latto‘s possessed at a young age. After winning the show but later declining a deal with So So Def, she went on to forge her own path, becoming one of the top female hip-hop artists in music today. 

She told ABC Audio that producing hit records, climbing the charts and earning good money along the way has been a dream come true. 

“It’s so surreal,” she said. “Everybody don’t know my story … But, I’ve been rapping since eight years old, so all this is really just a dream for me.”

She added, “To be able to live it out every day, support me, my family, my loved ones off of music now is definitely a blessing.”

Also a dream: the fact that her label, RCA, lets her have “complete creative control” over her music. 

With it, she’s “definitely loading up on” and “having fun” with music right now, with recording sessions in her hometown Atlanta, Los Angeles and Miami.

Other ventures Latto’s been enjoying are the brand partnerships she’s added to her resume. 

For her latest, a Halls collaboration, she teamed up with the cough drop company for their “Rapper Wrote this Wrapper” campaign where, for the first time in 10 years, Halls refreshed the old phrases on their wrappers with more contemporary sayings written by Latto. 

“Halls is O.G. back in the day,” she said. “We’ve always used Halls as kids. So I think it just always resonated with me.”  

Latto said that while the rebrand appeals to the new generation with phrases like “Feeling good, feeling lit” and “Keep it 100,” Halls is still a product for everyone.

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