Taye Diggs can’t wait to sip *this* special family drink on Thanksgiving

Joe Faraoni / ESPN Images

Like many people on Thanksgiving, Taye Diggs is looking to eat well and drink plenty.

He told ABC Audio about his plans to spend the holiday with loved ones, specifically his sisters, who’ve mastered making the family’s famous punch. 

“It’s amazing,” he said of the heirloom drink. 

The special concoction was originally mixed together by his late mother, who passed it down to the girls.   

And although he’d love to know how to make the punch himself, almost every time they get together he forgets to ask what’s in it. The one ingredient Diggs can name is grape juice. 

While the punch is a drink for everyone in the family — the young and the old — Diggs said he “adds some ‘adult-ness'” to his cup.

As the oldest of five children, he takes pride in watching the younger ones carry on the tradition. 

“I have no idea what’s going to happen,” the actor said after noting both his parents have passed on. 

What Diggs does know is that wherever he ends up on Thanksgiving, “if my sisters are there, I’m going to eat” and drink well, he said.

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