With her new book, ‘Kiki Finds Her Voice,’ Kierra Sheard discovers herself & her faith


Although Kierra Sheard-Kelly‘s latest project is intended for children, it’s been helpful for her.  

As the author of her first picture book, Kiki Finds Her Voice: Be True to You and Embrace Your God-Given Gifts, the gospel superstar tells ABC Audio she’s discovered much more than just her voice, and she wants to help young kids do the same.  

“It’s me finding my voice. It’s me finding my place in God, my place in the Earth…my skills and my talents,” Sheard-Kelly says. 

The book is based on a true story from when Sheard-Kelly was younger. When the popular girls invite little Kiki to sing with them in the school talent show and the song is not one her parents would approve, Kiki has to decide if it’s worth it to be popular or more important not to compromise and stand by what she knows is right. 

That childhood moment that’s portrayed in the book instilled valuable lessons she’d take into her adult years, but Sheard-Kelly also found invaluable advice in the the teachings and guidance of her parents.

“The book is highlighting what my parents taught me, that your differences have everything to do with your identity and your beauty,” she says. “It’s definitely you finding out who you are. And sometimes even adults have to rediscover themselves at certain parts in our lives.” 

Rediscovery is something the “Miracles” singer is experiencing now as a new mom to her baby girl, Khloé-Drew, whom she welcomed in November with her husband, Jordan Kelly.

She read the book to her daughter and niece Kali Drew, and they loved it. “It just blessed me,” Sheard-Kelly says. 

Kiki Finds Her Voice is now available for purchase.

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