Tiffany Haddish on what she’s learned on her sobriety journey

Catherine Powell/Getty Images for MTV

If there’s one thing Tiffany Haddish has learned about herself since putting down the booze, it’s that she is too nice for her own liking.

“I’ve learned that I’ve been too damn nice,” she told People at the 3rd annual Friendly House Comedy Fundraiser on Sunday. “I’ve been way too nice over the years.”

“I think people think … Because when you drink, there’s no filter,” she continued, noting it works the opposite way for her. “But when I drank, there was a filter, okay? Because I would think really mean things, and want to say really mean things, but I just told myself not to say them.”

Her sobriety, Tiffany adds, has helped her become a little more honest in her comedy.

“If I think it, I say it. That filter is gone,” she continues. “‘Oh, don’t say nothing because you got alcohol in you and you might say something mean.’ Now I’m like, ‘Oh, I’m sober, and this is what I really feel, so I’m going to say it.’ Because it needs to be said.”

Haddish was arrested in Beverly Hills and charged with a DUI in November. She was previously hit with a DUI charge in January 2022, but the charges were dropped.

She says throughout her sobriety journey she’s had to rely on herself.

“Yeah … I don’t trust nobody. It’s been me. I’ve been leaning on me. I stopped leaning on other people. And I started leaning on me more,” she says, noting it allows her to make better decisions — and better friends.

“You remember everything, and you have more fun, and you make more friends when you’re sober,” she tells People. “But then you make the right friends.”

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