Nicki Minaj explains why she was late to “magical” Montreal show

Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images for MTV

Nicki Minaj was nearly three hours late for her concert in Montreal Wednesday, but she hopped online to let fans know the reason for the holdup.

She chalked up the tardiness to issues with the plane company that not only shut down their plane but continuously pushed back the departure time of the next flight.

Never in 15 years have I heard of anything like that. A 70K G4 and thought we were going to PAY THEM for that flight as well as whatever flight I’d have to get on next. They thought wrong,” she wrote on social media. She also noted a difference in protocol when she arrived.

“When we did get to Canada, they did a bunch of stuff they didn’t do the last 2 times I came for the OVO FEST. They started searching through my personal purses. Usually they take me to the car with my purses & check the bigger luggage. Nope. Not this time,” she wrote.

Despite the “sabotage,” Nicki apologized and let fans know the show was still on. She promised to “get to the bottom” of everything when the night was over.

From the looks of Nicki’s posts after the show, it seems it turned out to be a “magical” one.

“They wanted the show to be cancelled but GOD!!!!! Bwahahaaaaaaaa,” she wrote on social media.

“Like I SAID. A MAGICAL F&$!NG SHOW!!!!!!!!!!! #GagCityMontreal was ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From START to FINISH. HAHAHHAAAAAAAAABWAHAHAHA!!!!!” she added in a follow-up post. “YOU CAN’T STOP ME YOU WILL NEVER STOP ME. ALL YOU’LL do is CURSE YOURSELF!!!!!! You ain’t know?!?!!! Well watch.”

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