Mississippi Broadcasters LLC, dba Digio Strategies,

Specific Contests may have more specific or additional rules, or for specific contests, the rules below may be altered. By participating in a contest, you agree to be bound by the official contest rules, including, but not limited to, these general contest rules.

All entrants to any contest both imply & agree to participate in the contest and obey the rules by their participation. No purchase is necessary to participate in any contest.

There will be certain age requirements to participate in contests and to accept and use certain prizes. This will be determined based on the requirements or prizes of each individual contest. Where necessary, valid photo ID will be required as a proof of the age of the participant. Parent or legal guardian needs to be present to show valid ID and sign the permission in order to collect prizes won by minors.

Prizes may be awarded to listeners who call and/or text at the appropriate time, depending on specific contest requirements. Digio Strategies may also give away prizes through judging, voting, or random drawings, via email, social media, text line, or any other possible methods.

Digio Strategies is not responsible for phone or internet technical issues, disconnections, etc., and/or for any malfunctions of any devices. Neither Google nor Apple sponsors any Digio Strategies contest or giveaway, and neither entity is affiliated to Digio Strategies.

Winner agrees to give Digio Strategies and all radio stations owned and operated by Digio Strategies, as well as other contest sponsors, permission to use of their name, likeness, voice, video, or any other representation for use in on-air promotions, television, signage, digital, social media, or any other form without compensation. For minors under the age of 18, parent or guardian permission is required. Any photos of children under the age of 18 can only be posted by a parent or guardian on any station website or social media site owned or operated by Digio Strategies, hereby authorizing the use of said photos by Digio Strategies and/or our radio stations and/or our co-sponsors of the contest. Digio Strategies reserves the right to remove or refuse the use of any photo posted by any party. All entrants/participants agree to hold Mississippi Broadcasters, LLC dba Digio Strategies, WJDQ-FM, WJXM-FM, WMOG-FM, WOKK-FM, WYHL-AM, and/or WZKS-FM) harmless and without liability for such publication, broadcast or use.

All persons must participate in behalf of themselves only and not in behalf of someone else. And all persons must use their legal name that corresponds to their legal identification.

Unless otherwise permitted in specific contest rules, only one person may enter any contest per written entry form. No “Duos”, groups, or teams will be allowed to enter together. Any ties, disputes, conflicts, questions, or concerns regarding a Digio Strategies contest and/or their associated prizes will be decided by the appropriate officials of Digio Strategies, whose decisions are final and indisputable.

Winners may win only once every thirty (30) days on any of the Digio Strategies’ stations including WJDQ-FM, WJXM-FM, WMOG-FM, WOKK-FM, WYHL-AM, and/or WZKS-FM, regardless of the value of the prize. Should a household win more than once in a thirty-day period, and/or on more than one Digio Strategies station, all prizes, etc. won after the first prize or station will be forfeited.

Unless otherwise specified, prizes are to be accepted as is and cannot be substituted for cash or prizes of equal value and right to receive a prize cannot be transferred to another person by the original winner. If a winning participant chooses not to accept a prize, that participant still may not win the prize of another contest that falls under the general contest rules within 30 days. Digio Strategies retains the right to substitute a prize with another similar prize of equal or greater value in the event the original prize offered is not available due to circumstances beyond its control.
10. If the prize includes travel, lodging, entertainment, or special event, the winner is responsible for all taxes, expenses, and gratuity not expressly included in and as part of the prize. Winner agrees to accept all blackout dates, space availability requirements, etc., established by Digio Strategies prize partners, such as hotels, airlines, trains, ships, etc. Winner agrees that acceptance of any trip as a prize from Digio Strategies does so entirely upon their own initiative, risk and responsibility. Digio Strategies will not be responsible for injury, including death that may occur as a result of a contest or prize.

If concert or other ticketed event has been awarded as a prize and the concert or event is postponed, rained out, canceled, or for other reasons beyond our control does not occur, Digio Strategies will not be responsible for replacing the prize.

Winners are responsible for all city, state, or federal taxes on prizes that meet municipal, state or federal requirements. For total prizes valued at or above $600 for any given year, winners will be required to fill out an IRS form W-9 before receipt of the prize. Digio Strategies, or its promotional partner issuing the prize, will provide a form 1099 to winners who win $600 or more in prize value from one and/or multiple contests each year.

It is important for all participants to read and follow individual contest rules closely. Participants can be disqualified for not following the rules. Digio Strategies reserves the right to change rules at any time and has final authority on any question related to rules or discrepancies, conflicts or areas of confusion. Additionally, all participants must meet date and time deadlines associated with individual contests and acceptance of certain prizes in order to remain eligible to participate and to prevent forfeiture of prizes. All contests are void where prohibited by law.

Prizes must be picked up at the Digio Strategies studios within 10 business days of winning, or the prize may be forfeited. Cash prizes will be awarded via check. Winner will have 10 business days from the date they receive notification that the check is available for pick up.

Participants and winners enter contests at their own risk, and agree to release and hold harmless Mississippi Broadcasters, LLC (dba Digio Strategies and the related radio stations), its owners, officers, employees, sponsors, affiliates, successors, and assigns for any claims, injuries, losses, or expenses related to participating in any contest, winning a contest, or from the use of any prize in any contest.

Owners and employees of Digio Strategies, nor owners nor employees of affiliates of Digio Strategies, nor owners nor employees of contest sponsors, nor any of the immediate families nor household members of these persons are allowed to participate or win any Digio Strategies contest.