The Office Party with Cynthia

I was exposed to many things during my “back and forths” from the Deep South to the Pacific West Coast, beginning as a young girl. The cultures are definitely different!  My southern family was very musically inclined, everyone could sing and/or play an instrument… I, on the other hand, couldn’t sing well,  so I elected to take piano lessons from a Classical Pianist who studied at Julliard School of Music.

In California, I was exposed to entertainment, celebrities, and the love of the ocean. But as the ocean disappeared behind me, and we crossed mountains before entering the Delta; there was a constant that captured my attention and kept me fascinated: the radio and my love of music! I’ve always been drawn to sounds that combine to produce forms of harmony, expression, and emotion, put together in a way where I feel them.

Even after almost 25 years in the radio industry, I continue to feel blessed daily to be assigned to a place that some people would call a workplace, but where we inform and uplift others in efforts to make their days less tedious while instigating smiles. Sometimes I pinch myself, because it’s so surreal to be paid for entertaining and sharing music that has a positive impact on all that hear it.

I love this industry because it inspires, sparks change and creates connections through the power of music, melodies and lyrics! A universal communication that I share with countless listeners every day. And although every day is different, our love of radio and music remains the same!